Who is the artist behind the Cyber Bulldogz collections?

The Cyber Bulldogz collections were conceptualized and brought to life by Nico le Roux, a visionary artist whose expertise spans both the traditional art world and the cryptocurrency market, offering a unique NFT project rooted in passion and creativity.

What are Cyber Bulldogz NFTs?

Cyber Bulldogz NFTs are a distinct collection of digital art pieces featuring mystic punk-style French Bulldogs, each adorned with unique, cyber-enhanced traits. They embody the innovative blend of art, blockchain technology, and the spirit of canine companionship.

What is a spending limit on MetaMask and why am I being asked to enter one?

Click on the link below to find the answer : https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/6055177143579-How-to-customize-token-approvals-with-a-spending-cap

What happens if I don’t unstake my tokens or rewards after the contract reaches maturation?

Nothing – Your tokens are safe and sound in the contract until you unstake/claim. However, rewards stop accumulating after the contract expires.

If I have unclaimed rewards after I have unstaked my token, can I still claim them?

Yes, you can! Claiming rewards and Unstaking tokens are two separate processes.

Is there a penalty for unstaking?

You can unstake your tokens without a penalty provided that the contract has reached maturation. Unstaking penalties do apply, however, if you unstake before the contract matures. Please see the Staking T’s&C’s section of the website for more information

Is there a fee for claiming rewards?

You may withdraw the available rewards at any time and as many times as you want without penalty. If you choose to (re)stake them into the contract, that action will create a separate “agreement” with the staking contract – they

Do my rewards compound?

The rewards in the contract are generated based on a linear calculation and do not auto compound – it’s a flat rate. That is, the number of rewards your stake generates are the same number daily. Rewards already generated are

How do I stake my tokens?

Information can be found here BTAFtoken.io

Will I incur gas fees when staking?

Gas fees are the fees that you pay any time you transact with the blockchain network. In our case when staking, gas fees will be applied by the blockchain network, in the form of BNB, which will be deducted from