How do I contact Support?

If you do not see the answer to your question here, please create a support ticket via here: If you cannot access the link above, please create an account on here:

What is DEXTools?

“DEXTools is a DApp for decentralized finance (DeFi) that offers one of the most complete sets of trading tools possible for decentralized exchange (DEX) users. The value of the platform lies in its diversity of functions, capacity to aggregate and scale

What is the official link for BTAF token on DEXTools?

You can view the chart and also buy/sell at:

Where can we view the BTAF token chart?

You can view the chart and also buy/sell at: Please see our DEXTools FAQ section for more information.

How do I trade BTAF tokens on Pancakeswap and add it to my Trust wallet?

What is the official contract address for the BTAF token?

The official BTAF token contract address is 0xcAE3d82D63e2b0094bc959752993D3D3743B5D08

How can I claim my unstaked TAF tokens?

Please complete this Google form if you have NOT yet unstaked the following contracts on TAF Token 21 Day no Max 21 Day to the Moon 90 day staking contract The following staking contracts were stopped due to security

Is PancakeSwap safe?

See for yourself, Check out these PancakeSwap security audits: Certik’s security audit of PancakeSwap and Certik’s Shield insurance Slowmist’s security audit of PancakeSwap Slowmist’s Auto-CAKE Pool security audit Peckshield’s Prediction V2 security audit Pecksheild’s New CAKE Pool security audit SlowMist’s

What are the official Telegram Channels and Groups for BTAF token?

Please visit this link for an up to date list of our official social channels:

How do I join the BTAF token telegram channels

Please click on the links below to join the Channel and Group Chat. Our Telegram Channel is a one way Channel where we send updates, but no chatting is allowed. Our Telegram Group chat is our official chat with Moderators