If I made an error when sending payment, can I cancel and start again?

If you made an error, don’t worry we have your back 🙂 Don’t do anything further, simply go HERE and create a support ticket detailing what happened and what you’re trying to do. This way our support team can swiftly

What is a TXid and where do I find it?

A Txid or Transaction ID is your Transaction identifier often referred to as “Transaction Hash”. This is your publicly verifiable “receipt” and proof you made a transaction, available for you whenever you need it. Simply look at your recent transaction

My payment was sent but I didn’t get my product, what do I do now?

Don’t worry! Sometimes this can just be a communication error with the software, simply create a support ticket HERE and paste your Transaction Hash or Txid with the name of the product you paid for and we’ll get it sorted

How can I check that my payment was received? Will I get a receipt?

You can check https://BSCscan.com to verify the status of your transaction, but you will get an email once payment is received and notified inside our app with next steps for your product. The email will contain your receipt, but you

Do I need to keep watching the screen and refresh to confirm payment is sent or will that interrupt the process?

Once payment is submitted, you can simply stay on the screen and it will refresh once payment is received. No need to keep refreshing or wait around, it’s a very quick process that typically only takes a few seconds.

How long does a BTAFPay transaction take on BitcoinTAF.com?

Typically transactions on the BSC network take only a few seconds, but give it up to 5 minutes. You can track your transaction by using https://BSCscan.com and searching your transaction hash (txid) or looking up your public address (same address

What happens if my transaction fails?

You may not have had enough BNB in your wallet to pay for the gas. Please deposit more BNB and try again.

Do I need to send more BTAF tokens for fees?

No, please only send as many BTAF tokens as the invoice displays. However, you will need a small amount of BNB in your Metamask wallet to pay for gas fees during the transaction.

How do I use BTAFPay?

For BitcoinTAF.com members: Prior to purchasing a product or service with your BTAF tokens, please ensure that you have enough BTAF tokens and also BNB in your Metamask wallet. You will need a small amount of BNB to be used

What is BTAFPay?

BTAFPay has been designed to offer a convenient payment gateway to projects or businesses that want to provide the option of accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Initially, BTAF Pay will be used by BitcoinTAF.com members to pay for their subscriptions